About Us

Industrial Rubber Parts is a manufacturer of high-quality rubber products, sealing rings, ‘o’ rings for steel and rubber industries. During our long history, we have consistently responded to the needs of the market. With the changing requirements of the customers in minds, we introduce new products like innovative sealing rings to keep ahead of the competition. With seal material science and skilled engineering service, we have become the leaders of sealing devices for steel and rubber industries in Maharashtra, India. Our designed and manufactured seals and other rubber products serve the needs of various sectors around the state.

The products we offer are considered as the broadest range in the seal industry. This array of rubber products combined with excellent customer service has made us the number one choice in Maharashtra for all sealing needs. Known as a distinguished entity in the world sealing rings, we can meet the requirement of any client and sector. An equipped plant ensures that we have the advantage of latest machinery. A quality lab warrants that every high-quality product we deliver is as per norms and the best of class.

Involvement of latest technology is one pillar of Industrial Rubber Parts success; the other is the highly motivated team. All professionals that run the house of Industrial Rubber Parts are energetic and highly experienced. The combination of two has made us the accepted mark of reliability, dependability and consistent quality, when it comes to any rubber product in Maharashtra, India.