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Privacy Policy

Industrial Rubber Parts absolutely understands that the individuals and company we work with value their privacy. We also understand that in the world of e-commerce, sharing personal information is inevitable. Even more, it can ensure that business is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

In this privacy policy, we promise to keep your personal information secure to the best of our abilities. We also ensure that there will be no misuse of private data on our part.

We will collect domain knowledge from users to make their experience better when they access the site in future. We receive the information automatically. The same information would be used to provide you with promotional offers. We make use of cookies to register a site and to customise the next visit of the users. Cookies do not read any data off your hard drive.

Terms Of Use

When any user accesses the website of Industrial Rubber Parts, they accept the privacy policy and terms of use. We, therefore, recommend all users to read through them before further use.

Once a user consents to share private information with a third party, it can be used as deemed by the party. The company will not be responsible or liable for it. We will not share any private data with third parties before asking your permission explicitly. We promise to comply with all law and regulation related to protection of private information.

The terms of sale and purchase will be decided upon the purchase of an item. The buyer will have to adhere to the rules set at the time.