Everything You Should Know About Natural Rubber

Latex Extracted From Rubber Tree Source Of Natural Rubber.
What to Know About Natural Rubber
July 3, 2019
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July 9, 2019
An Image Shows Milky Latex Extracted From Tree.

Natural Rubber has contributed so much to the human world that it has become an inevitable part of our life. They have successfully made their presence in almost all the things around us. We have also depended so much on them that it has become difficult for us to survive without them. Hence this article is a small dedication to Natural Rubber. Let’s get educated about Natural Rubber.

What is Natural Rubber?

Natural Rubber is assembled by long chains of isoprene chains that are connected loosely. When the rubber is pulled apart, its chain reattaches, thus making rubber elastic. The natural rubber is obtained from the rubber tree’s latex sap. Nothing has been discovered to replace the exact properties of Natural Rubber, though Synthetic Rubber had made all its efforts done. Synthetic Rubber sure shares almost all the similar properties of Natural Rubber, but not the exact properties.

Natural Rubber is known for its amazing Properties

Natural Rubber is noted for its strength and flexibility. Apart from its great features, it is also vulnerable because of hydrocarbons and environmental conditions. The best part about Natural Rubber is its flexibility and resistance to chemicals and water. It also resists other things such as tearing, cutting, fatigue, wear, and abrasion. The tensile strength of the natural rubber is amazing and easily adheres to other materials.

Though the natural rubber is great at many properties, it becomes a little ineffective to light, heat, and ozone. Not all the rubber materials are the same as it may differ from each tree it is produced. It also contains a few natural impurities and is vulnerable to oil, fuel, and non-polar solvents.

How do you make Natural Rubber?

The rubber must first be drawn from the rubber tree. The next step involves the chemical process and the final step involves heating for the manufacturing process. A cup is attached to the rubber tree which is then cut while dripping the sap. The latex’s third is rubber which is stored in the colloidal suspension, while the other third is the water.

The refining of the latex to rubber is done with the process of mixing formic acid to latex which makes the rubber into curd. It is then washed, pressed into sheets or blocks and then smoked. It then passes through machines to make it more flexible while mixing with chemicals to make it better in terms of its properties.

What is Natural Rubber used for?

Because of its high strength and heat resistance, it is used in engineering related works like the drive couplings, anti-vibration mounts, rubber bands, springs bearing, adhesives, etc. it is also used in tires of cars and aircraft, foam mattresses, automotive parts, hoses, battery boxes and many more.

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