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The ultimate guide to the diversity of the O-rings
August 16, 2019
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January 3, 2020

Everything began back in the 20th century where in the O-ring seals were initially brought into the market. The complete plainness and the very fundamental role that the rings perform allows them to be used widely even till today. With the advancement in fields of manufacturing, engineering, etc., the o-ring seals have not changed their identity in neither their form nor their functionality. The fabric used in manufacturing the o-rings have enhanced over the period of time with its straightforward functionality serving as a very trustworthy solution to all problems for centuries.

The Workability of O-Ring Seals

Irrespective of the method in which the O-rings are sold, either as an individual piece or in a wholesale manner, the range of O-ring seals have a basic formation which are universal across the globe. As the name suggests, the shape of every O-ring is in the form a torus or doughnut and their functionality is to create a guard from leakage when two different components are brought together. These seals are most commonly used to hinder liquids or gases from escaping into the air creating a leakage. Their effective usage is found more in environment and industries that work with high-pressure gadgets.

The Make of O-Ring Seals

In layman terms, the o-ring seals are used in the groove of both the surfaces that are to be coupled together. The ring is made of a type of elastomer, which sits easily in the joining area of the two components and auto-compresses to form a tough sealant. Applying more pressure inside the joint increases the distortion in the grove area enhancing the the force of sealing to a certain extent. Beyond that point the O-ring seal tends to fail. It is significant to make sure that the perfect balance between the size, functionality and material of the O-ring is fulfilled for a successful performance.

Usage of O-Ring Seals

Items such as cylinders, pumps, valves, connectors, etc., use O-ring seals to prevent leakage at places where two parts are joined and sealed. Irrespective of components being either static, pneumatic, hydraulic or dynamic, the usage of O-ring seals acts as a very multi-use answer for huge engineering based problems too.

As discussed earlier, the O-ring seals are made of material based on elastomers which helps in allowing them to sit easily in socially designed engineering joints, compressed between the parts that are interlocked. The main key aspect of these rings are its ability to return to its original shape when the joints are dismantled and the compression on them are released. When pressure is applied , the ring will transfer itself in the groove to the side which has a lower pressure, in-turn pushing it tight towards the outer and inner walls of joining area of the two components.

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