EPDM Moulded Hoses
July 8, 2016
August 18, 2016

Rubber bellows play an important role in automobiles and other equipments in keeping dynamic mechanisms free from dust and other contaminants. Most of the situations require greasing and oiling of the mechanism parts. Hence the chosen rubber has to be oil resistant.

The other attack on the component is normally environmental like heat, ozone and oxygen. This in conjunction with extreme flex cracking properties make up the properties of the rubber required for making a good bellow.

ASRI a TS 16949 Company has been manufacturing bellows including very complex bellows for a long time now. In fact ASRI has designed and developed bellows for a large variety of vehicles with very stringent specifications.

Currently ASRI is manufacturing and exporting high quality bellows both for the domestic market as also for exports to Europe, Australia, Africa and America.

Flexible HoseGear Shifter BellowRubber BellowRubber BellowDouble BellowRubber BellowDot BellowFDA Approved BellowRubber BellowRubber BellowRubber Bellow

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