Top Activities At The 10th Regional Conference of Rubber Manufacturers

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The recently held Regional Conference of Rubber manufacturers at the Capital were a roaring success, thanks to the attendees and the guests. The conference gave the regulatory authorities and the different commercial participants of the rubber industry to exchange information about the current trends as well as challenges faced by the industry.

The Main Objectives That Were Covered At The Conference

  • Benefits offered by matching potential and investment options with the help of funding were discussed.
  • The latest applications from developmental programs and research studies were introduced through the form of an exhibition.
  • The decision makes from the global and local regions exchanged ideas and perspectives of the current market trend in the industry.
  • Experts were given a platform to facilitate discussion about the challenges faced by the rubber industry and how to overcome them.
  • Sponsors got a chance to intermingle with the different delegates at the conference.
  • Updates were offered about the latest developments in the areas of processing, different product innovations, etc.
  • Rubber manufacturers from the different parts of the country shared their varied experience regarding manufacturing rubber products.

The Regional Conference of Rubber Manufacturers was initialed about a decade ago to give rubber manufacturer a platform where they could discuss the challenges they faced as well the trends observed in the market. A small group of manufacturers came together and decided they needed an annual meeting where people in the same field could get a chance to hob & nob with one another. This led to the creation of a committee for organizing the Regional Conference of Rubber Manufactures. As time passed by this has grown into a huge conference, with top players in the rubber industry all over the country making sure to attend it. Interestingly, it is often attended by people or firms considering entering the rubber manufacturing industry. The information collected at the conference can help them arrive at a decision quite easily.

With the growing interest from all quarters of the industry, the Government has also become an active participant of the annual Conference. By realizing the important role that rubber plays in the economy, the Government has been offering a lot of rebates and tax reductions, which were discussed in detail at the conference. Since the rubber industry employs many people, it is necessary to ensure that the challenges faced by the manufacturers and the employers are solved quickly.

The organizing committed had arranged a cocktail reception at the end of the conference to give an opportunity for the delegates to interact informally. As ties strengthen between the different players in the rubber industry, it can help bring about a lot of positive changes for the people in the industry and the country’s economy as well. The high caliber seminars held at the conference attracted a lot of attention from different people in the industry. The following events at the conference were a huge hit among the attendees:

  • Specially focused industry discussion
  • A fully comprehensive expo
  • A warm welcome cocktail reception party
  • Business matching meetings

The total support offered by the rubber industry helped build up the reach of the conference. This has resulted in plenty of trade association being created as well as the starting places for research institutions to be put in place and so on. Since the rubber industry has given forth to several publications, the conference is attended by the editors and journalists as it helps them to report on the latest trends and happenings in the rubber conference.

Conference Organized By Corporate Event management Companies

As the years go by, the Regional Conference of Rubber Manufacturers keeps expanding. This has resulted in gaining plenty of sponsors who are bigwigs in the rubber industry. ASRI has been the main sponsor of the Regional Conference of Rubber Manufactures in the past few years. This year the corporate event management was taken care by Kiyoh, Chennai. This ensures that the whole conference runs smoothly with no problems cropping up. The organizing committee is grateful to the event management firm for the grand success of the conference. This year has seen the maximum walk-ins and attendees at the conference this year. At the end of the day, the Regional Conference of Rubber Manufacturers was an astounding success with a lot of exchange of information and business contacts.

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