Variety of Rubber Seal Rings and their Properties

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The primary purpose of the seal ring is to prevent seepage. However, different seal rings have their specific functions. Sealing Rings Manufacturers produce various kinds of seal ring depending on the designs, pieces of equipment, utility and purpose of the seal rings. These seals are usually implemented in multiple applications because of their resisting capacity and flame retardation ability. The following are some kinds of seal rings that are widely used.

V-rings are made of elastomers, and they are easy to install. V-rings are designed in V-shape. They can be extended, and depending on the size of the material in which it will be fixed, V-rings can merely be forced into any component. V-rings are inexpensive, and they provide a high degree of durability. V-ring is rarely used alone. It is mainly combined with plunger ring, supporting ring and many v-rings. The v-rings are produced by the use of rubber fabric or pure rubber mould. These rings are mostly applicable to hydraulic oil, water and emulsified liquid.

Another kind of seal ring is O-ring. These are round in shape, or you may design in the form of a doughnut. The O-rings are one of the most common seals used in developing machines because they are inexpensive and are reliable. They can deform in their shape and acquire the form of the cavity. The O-ring seal performs in such a way that they form a contact between the o-ring and the sealing surface. Leaking cannot occur if the pressure of the fluid does not contact the stress of the o-ring. The failure that commonly takes place is extrusion through the mating parts.

X-rings are designed to outperform o-rings. The double sealing action provides low friction. Thus it maintains an effective seal. The parting lines in these kinds of rings are away from the sealing surface which reduces the risk of seepage. The four lobes of the x-rings help to prevent spiral twisting. X-rings offer a longer service life than O-rings. The low degree of radial pretence in the process reduces abrasion. X-ring does require less deformation in order to provide adequate sealing.

Square rings are made of synthetic rubber. The square rings are designed in the form of a torus with a square-shaped cross-section provided to it. These rings are widely used because they perform the sealing function in the most efficient manner and at a meagre cost as compared to other sealing devices. A square ring can be used as a direct alternative for O-ring, and they can even fit in O-ring grooves. Square rings are available in a variety of rubber and plastic like Buna, Viton, EPDM, and Teflon. They function most efficiently in case of radial seals. The surface smoothness, hardness, elasticity, toxicity and texture are well maintained in square rings.

U-cup seals are also popular among the range of seal rings. They are designed in U-shape. As the section of the U-ring is U-shaped they are called U-rings. The u-rings are manufactured using the best quality elastomers which guarantee a sealing solution. U-seals are regarded as one of the most critical seals on any fluid equipment as they work correctly when the liquid is seeping out from cylinders. The u-rings are combined into two types, the rubber kind and the wrapped kind. They provide excellent resistance to friction and damage.

The primary function of a U-ring is that it provides a pressure seal in either fixed or active equipment. The u-rings are mainly used in cylinder rod of the fluid cylinder. The coated fabric in U-ring has the best surface which provides better lubrication and hence when the metal flows down the seal ring it reduces friction. The seal rings that are widely used in reciprocating seals are Y-rings. They are used in situations of alternating motion. The service life of y-ring is better than that of o-ring. A lot of people tend to ignore this essential attribute of y-rings. These rings have a simple structure and are inexpensive. Y-rings are very easy to install. Y-rings also provide excellent sealing performance. The drawback of y-ring is its one-way function. As a result piston type sealing require a pair of y-ring to increase the axial dimension.

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