Theory And Designing Of O-rings

Variety of Rubber Seal Rings and their Properties
September 10, 2017
April 26, 2018


Rubber O-rings, the most excellent sealing devices used in machinery designing. O-rings manufacturer produce o-rings by press, inject or even transfer methods of moulding. In order to seal appropriately, o-rings deform in their shape and acquire the area of the cavity preventing any air or liquid leakage. A compressive force acts on them that prevent the transfer of fluid between the regions. They serve long durability.

O-rings are majorly used for machine designs because they are inexpensive, made easily, requires mounting to be reliable and simple. O-rings are manufactured using high-quality elastomers. The most efficient elastomers are Buna N and Nitrile. Thus, you can say that the performance of an o-ring depends on the material used in its production. O-rings prevent leakage until the motel metal’s pressure does not go above the o-ring stress contact. O-rings are useful in sealing high pressure until there is any mechanical failure.

The o-rings are designed in such a way that there forms a point of contact between the sealing surface and the o-rings. The mating parts of o-ring are the major failures while it is extruded. The high local stress allows the o-ring to tolerate pressure that does not exceed the stress yielded of the surface of o-ring. The flexibility of o-rings leaves no space for chance of imperfection in the parts of the mould.

O-rings are made of elastomers. These compounds are used in the manufacture of o-rings. Elastomers are a combination of both synthetic and natural material. They are formulated in such a way that they provide an extensive collection of physical properties. Elastomers are differently used for different sealing devices depending on their exposure to fluid, heat and pressure. Elastomers have excellent resistance property that allows them to work with aggressive chemicals also.

Elastomers like Viton and Flurosilicone are the main items used to manufacture o-rings for aerospace and semiconductor devices. Another kind of elastomers that is neoprene which is used in o-rings provides excellent chemical stability and flexibility even in extreme temperatures. Neoprene O-rings are mostly found in petroleum, refrigeration and automotive applications. If you do not want high-quality o-rings, then you can surely take a look at Valley Seal Company. They provide excellent sealing solutions. They produce sealing products like o-rings, PTFE products, rubber moulded compounds and also elastomers.

The static seals are categorised as static or radial depending on the direction in which the squeeze is applied in the o-ring section. Static axial seals are more comfortable to design when compared to static radial seals. As there is no extrusion gap and the steps to develop a static axial seal is not much, you can have more control over it. In case of outside pressure, the outer diameter of the groove acts as the central part, and in case of inward force, the inner width of the slot plays the significant role. This makes sure that the O-ring moves very little to seal the extrusion gap which prevents friction.

The dynamic seals are applicable in reciprocating devices usually hydraulic or pneumatic piston or rod seals. The efficiency of the active seal is affected mainly due to environmental factors. The factors affecting are swelling in fluids, lubrication, the pressure generated, and thermal cycling. All these factors are interrelated, and it is essential to consider all of this in a dynamic sealing situation. Small diameter o-rings provide brilliant performances. To get more information about the various kinds of friction that occur in rotating devices you can take help of a Gallagher engineer.

Rotatory seals operate well in oscillating or rotating parts to uphold lubricating fluids and prevent the water or mud to enter. These seals perform exceptionally well to maintain low friction and provide excellent resistance to damage.

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