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June 25, 2019

The O-ring is known as packing,or toric joint is a mechanic gasket in the shape of a torus and dumb bell. O-rings are known as sealing elements or energizing elements for hydraulic seals and wipers. The rings can be fitted into grooves and are used as compressing elements between two or more parts during assembly. They are the loops of elastomers that act as seals at the surface of the interface. Since they block the liquids or air that might escape, they are used widely as the sealing elements. They are available in various brands and to know about the perfect ones, the advice of Structural Consultants is a must. To know more about the structure and uses of O-rings, please click on the link

Materials used in the making of O-rings:
The O-rings must sustain high temperatures and pressures and are exposed to chemicals that are quite harmful and toxic. So, they made of different materials. They come in various shapes and sizes. Circular, square, X-shaped,etc. are available in the market and are used as per the specific purpose. Some of the materials used are:

  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Fluorocarbon
  • Neoprene
  • Nitrile rubber
  • Kinds of Elastomers

The hydraulic cylinders put a lot of stress on their seals. The O-rings are used extensively in laptops and computer mice. They are used in automotive and aerospace fields.

As the O-rings are used in grooves to hold liquids and gases, they block the pathway and prevent their escape. When the O-ring is made of rubber, it has muscle memory when squeezed. The rings tend to go back to their original shape. So, under low or nil pressure, they keep the liquids and gases sealed. When they are forced against the walls of the grooves, they expand in the opposite direction and are sealed correctly.

The main advantages of ‘O’ rings are:
1) The failure of O-rings is not sudden and can be easily identified over time.
2) These rings are a mixture of various compounds. They resist all the toxic chemicals and the general environmental applications.
3) Their cost is optimal.
4) The O-rings can be reusable.
5) The average period of aging of O-rings is equivalent to the lifetime duration in case it is used in the right manner.
6) These rings are light in weight and occupy less space
7) Their torque is not complicated and critical,and the tightening is nil, so their structural damage is minimal or quite low.
8) Sealing can be done in a bidirectional way.
9) Their installation procedure is straightforward,and no special tools or primers are required for their installation.
10) There will be no smearing,and their service process is non-tedious. Re-tightening is not required in the maximum cases.
11) The cross-section of the O-rings is perfectly symmetrical and can be sealed in any direction.
12) O-rings have a high range of tolerance.
13) O-rings can be sealed over a wide range of temperature and pressure.
14) These rings can withstand wear and tear.
15) The O-rings efficiently prevent leakages.

So, after seeing a whole list of miraculous advantages, don’t you feel that the importance of O-rings in several applications is justified?


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